Centrale will be Lustica Bay’s city center and a thriving residential area. In other words, the resort’s hub, which offers both tranquil and tranquil city life. Thanks to its strategic location in the middle of Lustica Bay, Centrale will act as a portal between the new residential areas, such as Marina Village, Golf Community and Horizon Residences, and the villages that are already in the immediate area. Centrale is just 10 minutes from Tivat Airport, which makes it easy to reach various destinations in Europe. With its perfect location on the doorstep of Lustica Bay’s newly opened Marina Village, right next to the glittering Adriatic Sea and a stone’s throw from some of the country’s most beautiful sandy beaches, Centrale is a true gold nugget offering all the freedoms you may wish for with a carefree coastal living. In addition, Centrale, with the most public, commercial and municipal facilities in Lustica Bay, serves as a hub and hub for a larger area, which benefits tourism along the entire coast of Montenegro.


Centrale will contain dozens of public spaces that will be the core of society. With a focus on outdoor activities and only reserving for pedestrians, they will serve as spontaneous meeting and activity places around the city. In the heart of Centrale is the stunningly beautiful Esplanade – a meeting place and center for everyday life in Lustica Bay with its small shops, bars and restaurants in the north, an activity house and grocery store on each side and a beautiful gallery in a refurbished historic building.

Central’s modern design combines active outdoor life with the seductive charm of old-fashioned charm. Its business and residential areas, embedded in a lush greenery of mature pine trees, reflect the area’s traditional villages while radiating small-scale exclusivity. Its core will consist of a mix of apartments, shops, restaurants, bars, cultural centers and community services – amidst courtyards, parks and green areas. Central’s wide range makes it the area’s pounding heart that connects and enriches all aspects of life in both Lustica Bay and the region as a whole. It is the place to be for those who are looking for speed and fan, an exuberant year-round society and unique coastal residence under the warm Montenegrin sun.


Centrales real estate is a unique interpretation of a year-round life on the coast. They are designed to meet the highest possible standards while being inspired by traditional Montenegrin architecture. They mix old and new, comfortable and state of the art. Centrale will offer a selection of apartment types, all of which have stunning views of different parts of Lustica Bay, from the national park Lovcen to Boka Bay and the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic.

The apartments vary in size from studio apartments to three-room apartments, from 45 to 110 square meters. The large windows make the view spectacular while they let in a lot of light. The apartments are cozy and comfortable with good floor plan, where the kitchen is always connected to the dining room. The rooms are naturally connected to balconies, open terraces and courtyards, allowing for a seamless indoor-outdoor life in the Mediterranean sun.